Flight of ideas.

If you asked me to describe myself in three sentences, then it would look like this:

My name Liuba in Russian means feeling LOVE; therefore, everything in my life is imbued with this feeling and it is this that directs me to the creation of beautiful things.

I am a person who has absolutely no time to be bored. From my head ideas fly out faster than I manage to realize them. I call it a flight of ideas and all the time I try to create a carpet plane in order to have time to organize each of these ideas.

In my life there is a place for DREAMS, but there is no place for doubt and weakness. I believe that a strong desire will FIND THE WAY to all opportunities.

You see, in three sentences I could not describe myself, but I tried :)

And below very briefly about me:

I’m Liuba from New York.

I graduated Institute of Modern Art and my specialization is filmmaking and photography.

I am a mom, wife and business woman.

My life looks like a Ferris wheel, on the one hand scary, and on the other such a beautiful view opens up.